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Natural Lifespan: 300 years, reaching adulthood in their late 30s.

Dwarves are a hardy and stubborn people, with short stature but tall egos.

The dwarven home planet is a resource depleted husk of a planet, in a worse state that the human home world Earth, called Ore.

They rival humans and hobbits in their dominance on the intergalactical economy & even more so in mining, industry, and technology.

They are governed by a monarchy that has been evolving to become more capitalistic like humans & hobbits. Noble houses are looking more like companies where wealth and resources changes political standings, earning them higher titles will dimishing returns could land one to becoming commoners. There are no more than 7 kings at a time, each capable of reigning over several planets, but the richest is considered the True King, though at anytime if the others decide to pool their resources, they may over rule him/her. These 7 kings are called the Kings' Company and oversee dwarven activities, but are allowing their people more freedom and only step in during interspecies relations if needed.


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