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Size: medium

Natural lifespan: <100 years

Humans are a diverse humanoid race with so many subgroups that sociologists still struggle to categorize.

They can be found throughout a significant part the cluster, sharing planets and owning colonies. Humans themselves hold claim to several habitable planets and space though their people are not unified.

Each group of humans from colonies to entire planets are either independent of each other with their own system of government or lack thereof, or are under a complex ownership relation specific to that group.

All humans know about their home planet, Earth, where it is believed​ be the first planet humanity discovered and colonized. It is ravaged by pollution and depletion of natural resources. Earth now acts as a trade hub because of its location among several trade routes.

There is a growing human faction, called the Unified Alliance, attempting to bring humanity together through diplomacy but many actively resist.

aesthetics- humans have one of the most diverse styles out of all the races. The Unified Alliance tries to encourage all these different cultural styles but uses a non denominational aesthetic to represent themselves.


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